There’s no doubt that Instagram, with its more than 600 million users, has become a great Instagram marketing tool for business today. With growing targeting, analytics, promotional tactics and marketing tools provided by Instagram, it’s definitely a great arsenal in your digital marketing toolkit.
Now Brands have been opening Instagram accounts thick and fast like you, but how confident are you of obtaining real results, and are you able to measure the impact of their messaging on the microblogging network? So the difficulty remains: Who will you reach on Instagram? How will you reach them? How effectively are you using this tool? How can you tell if you’ve done a good job? etc.

  • Auto-Follow

Auto-follow users in your niche on Instagram by providing hashtags. Follow followers of another user by specifying usernames.

  • Unfollow

Unfollow users who not followed you back. Also, unfollow users by specifying their usernames.

  • Auto Like

Want to increase likes on your post? With this, you will auto-like posts by given hashtags or by an uploaded list.

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